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Title in the original language: Международный научно-исследовательский журнал [Meždunarodnyj naučno-issledovatel’skij žurnal]

Translated title: International Research Journal

IRJ is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary academic journal that provides an opportunity to publish their scientific achievements to graduate students, university professors, students, persons with a scientific degree, public figures, cultural and educational workers, politicians, economists in Russia, the CIS countries, and abroad.

Editor-in-chief: Menshakov A.I.

Languages: Russian, English

Started: 2012.

ISSN ONLINE: 2227-6017

ISSN PRINT: 2303-9868


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Title: Russian Linguistic Bulletin

The serial is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the problems of linguistics, language studies, education and literature

Editor-in-chief: Smirnova N.L.

Lamguages: English, Russian

Started: 2015.

ISSN ONLINE: 2411-2968

ISSN PRINT: 2313-0288


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Title in the original languages: Современное строительство и архитектура [Sovremennoe stroitelʹstvo i arhitektura]

Translated title: Modern Constructure and Architecture

The serial is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the problems of construction, architecture and design

Editor-in-chief: Inozemtesv A.S.

Languages: Russian, English

Started: 2016.

ISSN ONLINE: 2414-5920

ISSN PRINT: 2411-3581


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George Shaghashvili. Art. Fashion

“George Shaghashvili. Art. Fashion ”is a book about works of art by contemporary designer from Georgia, George Shagashvili. The book is a testament to his talent for working with pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, oil and mixed media. George’s art reflects his impressions of encountering different countries, continents and cultures around the world, from Europe to Africa and Asia. His views, his universe find a way out in classical still life, abstract art, landscapes and portraits, as well as in fashion sketches and other forms. In addition, the book shows how the diverse interests of George Shagashvili are elegantly transformed from concepts, impressions and ideas into fashion collections, becoming ideas that can be safely worn.

ISBN: 978-5-9908654-4-0

You can buy the book in various online bookstores.